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                  所屬行業:交通運輸/物流倉儲 企業性質:外資企業 企業規模:300-400人 地區:廣東省深圳市


                  廣東省深圳市羅湖區 全職 經驗不限 若干 面議 大專及以上

                  職責 (此工作為短期6個月合同, 工作地點:羅湖區京基100)

                  l 負責客戶訂艙服務。

                  l 專業的應答客戶空運全方位的信息,如:航程時間、價格、海關要求、包裝、國家特殊要求(包括潛在的通關延誤)簡單賬單和銷售問題;

                  l 協助客戶了解相關信息和操作指南,

                  l 冷靜熟練地處理客戶投訴,確保公司利益的同時并盡可能為客戶提供解決方案,如有需要,向公司高級管理層反應,確保事情盡快解決和避免投訴事情擴大

                  l 在工作中提升客戶服務經驗,并專業有耐心的處理每一客戶的要求和變動。

                  l 與操作部門及其他相關部門保持聯系,有效率地處理客戶要求;

                  l 與航空公司訂艙

                  l 有高度的團隊精神和紀律意識,遵循管理層的決定,如連班,調班和公司政策;



                  l 良好的數據錄入能力(一分鐘至少打30字)

                  l 精通Microsoft軟件,如Excel,word

                  l 精通中文、英文的聽說讀寫能力

                  l 大專及以上學歷


                  General Description

                  Be responsible for accepting calls (primarily via the telephone, and including other contact modes like email, fax, etc.) and providing a knowledgeable, courteous, efficient, confident and proactive point of contact for both customers and the network. Maintain good relationship with the clients;

                  Also responsible for monitoring the SOP or company policy is implemented properly.

                  Specific Accountabilities

                  · Accept and register bookings for services

                  · Respond to customers consistently and confidently by providing accurate information in all aspects such as transit time, prices, custom paperwork requirements, packaging, country-specific requirements (including potential customs clearance delays) simple account and sales question

                  · Assist customer obtain information as required and provide customer with accurate information and operation guideline

                  · Confidently and knowledgeably handle customer complaints while maintaining composure, and take all possible actions to resolve issues to the customers’ full satisfaction without compromising company’s position by over-committing to customers. If necessary, escalate complaints to senior management team to obtain efficient resolution with a purpose of prevent more escalation and avoid reoccurrence

                  · Enhance service experience by exercising professionalism and empathy when dealing with each individual customer varying needs and demands

                  · Liaise with Operations Department and other departments on quick and efficient resolution of customer issues and queries

                  · High team spirit and strict self-management follow decisions and direction from management team in shifts, roster, and stipulated policies

                  · Monitoring the operation is proceeded without disobeying company policy as well as evaluating the profit figure

                  Relevant Education Background, Hard Skill, Knowledge and Experience:

                  · Typing skills (at least 30 wpm preferable)

                  · Computer application skill, e.g. MS-Office Software

                  · Good command of written and oral Mandarin & English

                  · Junior College diploma or equivalent

                  · At lease 1 years experience in similar position at forwarding company




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